Creating Pages

Lear how to create and edit pages, and organize them in the navigation menu.

Create a page

You create a page by clicking on the pages panel, then by clicking on the + icon of the pages panel. On the window that appears give your page a title, description, and add any additional desired metadata such as a featured image, categories, etc.

Add content to a page

From the pages panel locate the page you wish to edit. If your page does not appear under any registered navigation menus chances are it is unassigned. Locate unassigned pages under the Unassigned Pages section.

In the upcoming video we’ll cover how to use the following block types.

  • The column block
  • The Text and Rich-Text blocks
  • The Image block
  • The Gallery block

[show how-to-video here]

For a complete overview of blocks follow this guide on an overview of blocks.

Change page settings

  • Page settings (SEO)
    • Why SEO is important
    • Featured image
  • Hide and show a page
  • Delete a page

[show how-to-video here]

Next steps

  • Advanced design tips for blocks - using the style tab.