What are blocks? In the PageStudio ecosystem blocks are a type of plugin. They are components of the Visual Editor which renders HTML content. They can be rearranged and combined with other blocks on a page to create a custom layout. Each block is designed to add different types of content to most areas of your site, including:

  • Regular pages
  • Blog posts
  • Sidebars
  • Footers
  • Calendar Events

Available Blocks

The following blocks are available with every subscription

Name Premium Type Description
Anchor No
Pricing No
FAQ (accordion) No
Tab No
Navbar No
Row (Sections) No
Space No
Images No
Videos No
Gallery No
Icons No
Heading No text An alias of the Text block
Text No text
Smart Text No text Inserts text unto the page with a Word-like provided editor
Form Container No
Button No
Input No
Textarea No
Map No
CSS Embed No Inserts text unto the page within a <pre></pre> tag-group with Cascading Stylesheet syntaxhighlighting
JS Embed No Works the same as the CSS Embed block but with JavaScript syntax highlighting
HTML Embed No Works the same as the HTML Embed block but with HTML syntax highlighting