Getting Started

PageStudio is a content management system (CMS) featuring an easy to use drag and drop website builder that makes it easy for anyone to visually design and build their own websites. Try it free, no credit card required.

Signing Up

Take the first step in creating a great website — create an account. The Signing Up page will guide you through the account create process and what to expect after.

Exploring PageStudio

Get to know the platform and how to get around.

  • Account Center
  • Accessing Your Website For Editing
  • Navigating the site manager
  • Pages and Blocks
  • The Filemanager

Building your first website

  • Creating pages
  • Creating gallery pages
    • Introduction to the file manager
  • Creating galleries or albums
    • Using the file manager
  • Making changes to the navigation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)